The World Cup Series of the Canoe World Federation ICF consists of five competitions.

  1. Prague (CZE) | 16. – 18.06.2017
  2. Augsburg (GER) | 23-25 ​​June 2017
  3. Markkleeberg (GER) | 30.06. – 02.07.2017
  4. Ivrea (ITA) | 01 – 03.09.2017
  5. La Seu D’Urgell (ESP) 08 – 10.09.2017

For the victory in a World Cup, there are 60 points, the second place gets 55 points and the third 50 points, all the other placed also receive points, but the value is correspondingly lower. Anyone who has the most points after five World Cups will be honored as a winner. The first three of the overall evaluation receive a monetary bonus from the ICF.

Franz Anton, who won bronze in the C1 last week and is currently in third place in the World Cup overall, would like to continue his good position on his home stretch: “I give full throttle in every competition, whether at the Olympics or in a forest and local race. At home I’ve made a lot of plans, I hope I have a few tricks on the track, which the others do not know. “

After the first two assessments in the 2017 season, the following athletes from the German Canoe Federation are among the top five in their discipline:

  •     C2: Robert Behling & Thomas Becker (3rd place, 87pts)
  •     Franz Anton & Jan Benzien (5th place, 78pts)
  •     C1w: Lena Stöcklin (3rd place, 81 pts)
  •     C1m: Sideris Tasiadis (1st place, 115pts)
  •     Franz Anton (3rd place, 92pts)
  •     K1w: Ricarda Funk (1st place, 110pts)
  •     K1m: Sebastian Schubert (3rd place, 94 points)
  •     Hannes Aigner (4th place, 87pts)