Mit Pr├Ązision an Tor 8: Vavrinec Hradilek (CZE) bei der EM 2015 im Kanupark MarkkleebergTwo years ago, the European Championships where organized at Kanupark Markkleeberg succesfully. The outstanding sporting event is just one of the many high-profile events in the canoe-slalom sport, which has been carried out on the modern white water system. In addition, numerous other events such as World Cup Racing, Olympic and World Championship Qualifications, German Championships and the World Cup 2011 took place. Due to the professional organization of all events, Kaanupark Markkleeberg won the 2017 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup.

Outstanding athletes from all over the world, Olympians, World Cup and European Champions will compete at the World Cup and compete for the medals with top athletic performances.