Ricarda Funk (GER) durchfährt den Sparkassen-Bogen in Anfahrt an Tor 6.Local and international TV broadcasters will broadcast the event on TV and the internet via Live-Stream. A Live-Stream and TV transmission means a large range and for many interested parties the opportunity to participate in this event.

Many successful canoe-slalom athletes are located in the city of Leipzig. In the coverage of local print media, radio and online offers, their competitions are always present. The field of the planned World Cup 2017 will be international.

For this reason, we are expecting a supraregional reporting, foreign media representatives will be on site and report on the competition. From the surrounding area of ​​the “Markkleeberger See” visitors come every year to watch the spectacle and to compete with the athletes. In addition to the sports-loving canoeists from Germany and other nations, sporty, experience-oriented young families are among our guests. In addition, in the summer the “Neuseenland”-landscape is a hotspot of the young generation, especially for students. Thus, our event is attractive for all age groups.

The Kanupark Markkleeberg presents itself as a tourist destination in the area near Leipzig, where rafting makes it possible for everyone, like the canoeists, to plunge into the floods of the water and feel the charm of our special outdoor sports.