Funk (GER) and Martikan (SVK) wins the last gold medals

The World Cup weekend in Kanupark Markkleeberg ends with wins for Germany and Slovakia. Numerous spectators cheered the athletes from 32 nations over three days.

First, Ricarda Funk (Bad Kreuznach) won the women’s kayka race as in the previous week in Augsburg. The World Cup title defender thus further extended her lead in the overall valuation. Jessica Fox from Australia and the Slovenian Eva Tercelj became second and third. Jasmin Schornberg (Hamm) took fourth place, while Lisa Fritsche from Halle (Germany) took sixth place and the result was a very strong result for the German women, with Caroline Trompeter (Hanau / 26th) leaving the semi-final. “To win a home cup is always megacool, the mood was super today, you felt on the water – that was a huge motivation. I knew Jess was leading, but I did not know her time. I just wanted to be satisfied with my run. Also I found the track quite hard, I knew that in some places you have to do absolutely well, in order not to lose any time. I’m trying to take that good feeling now, “said the winner.

Almost there was another gold medal for the German team, but old Olympic Chamopion Michal Martikan (Slovakia) had something against it. The double Olympic champion, the fastest of the semi-final, was the last on the course in the Kanupark, pushing the leading Augsburg Sideris Tasiadis to the silver rank. Bronze went to the British Adam Burgess. “I am overkoyed with my placement, with every World Cup race on the podium, I am very satisfied with myself, the form fits. You had to be very careful with the course today and pay attention to what the boat is doing. Unfortunately, I touched the last goal, which is annoying, but I am still happy that I was so fast. The decisive thing today were the roller transitions, if the ones fit, one was well in the gates. Martikan is simply technically strong, he got it.” Tasiadis, who is now in the World Cup ranking alone in the front, paid tribute to the victor. The two paddlers from Leipzig Franz Anton and Nico Bettge missed the final run on their home course and became 18th and 24th ..

Already yesterday there were two more medals for the DKV team: Sebastian Schubert (Hamm) won silver in the mens kayak. Robert Behling / Thomas Becker (Schkopau) paddled to bronze in Canoe-Double.

Results, World Cup 3/5 in Markkleeberg, 2nd Final Day

Canoe Men:

1. Michal Martikan (SVK) 100,88 (2), 2. Sideris Tasiadis (GER/Augsburg) 101,57 (2), 3. Adam Burgess (GBR) 101,76 (0), 4. Benjamin Savsek (SLO) 101,93 (2), 5. Denis Gargaud Chanut (FRA) 103,17 (2), 6. Lukas Rohan (CZE) 104,96 (2), … im Halbfinale ausgeschieden: 18. Franz Anton (GER/Leipzig) 107,23 (4), 24. Nico Bettge (GER/Leipzig) 114,50 (8). Weltcupstand: 1. Tasiadis 170, 2. Matej Benus (SVK) 146, 3. Savsek 136, 4. Anton 117, … 13. Bettge 74.

Kayak Women:

1. Ricarda Funk (GER/Bad Kreuznach) 103,85 (0), 2. Jessica Fox (AUS) 106,31 (0), 3. Eva Tercelj (SLO) 109,17 (0), 4. Jasmin Schornberg (GER/Hamm) 109,92 (0), 5. Jana Dukatova (SVK) 112,22 (2), 6. Lisa Fritsche (GER/Halle/S.) 113,96 (6), im Halbfinale ausgeschieden: 26. Caroline Trompeter (GER/Hanau) 123,26 (2). Weltcupstand: 1. Funk 170, 2. Dukatova 135, 3. Fox 121, … 9. Schornberg 103, 14. Fritsche 79, 25. Trompeter 44.