First victories goes to ITA, CZE & AUS

The first decisions in World Cup #3 in Markkleeberg goes to the Italian Giovanni De Gennaro in the kayak single categorie, the Czech boat with Jonas Kaspar / Marek Sindler wons gold in Canoe Double and Jesica Fox from Australia was the best in the womens Canoe Single.

The German slalom-canoeists took silver and bronze. Sebastian Schubert (Hamm) took second place in the kayak, Robert Behling / Thomas Becker (Schkopau) ranked third in the Canoe Double.

In the Kayak Single categorie Sebastian Schubert had only to leave the Italian Giovanni De Gennaro, which found on the extremely difficult course in the Kanupark the best line. Bronze came to the Japanese Kazuya Adachi. “The circuit was extremely difficult – full of the challenge. I also had a big mistake in it, but still fought further and I am very happy with silver – Giovanni was really very strong. The support from the spectators was mega, very cool, “Sebastian Schubert, who is now in the overall World-Cup-Ranking, after three of five races, still in the lead. Alexander Grimm (Augsburg), who was still ahead in the semi-finals, paddled to seventh place. Fabian Schweikert (Waldkirch) and Hannes Aigner (Augsburg) finished in the semi-final on the ranks 13 and 40.

In the Canoe Double, the Germans were four times in the final. At the end the winners from Augsburg last week Robert Behling and Thomas Becker won bronze behind the Czechs Jonas Kaspar / Marek Sindler and Nicolas Scianimanico / Hugo Cailhol from France. “We are super satisfied with our second medal this year, which gives us a boost for the rest of the season,” said Thomas Becker. Robert Behling was also satisfied: “We had a mistake in the finals, but we all had a little bit to do on this course.” Unfortunately, this was also true for the other German crews. The two teams form Leipzig with David Schröder / Nico Bettge as well as Franz Anton / Jan Benzien paddled to the places six and eight. Kai and Kevin Müller (Halle / S.) were tenths. With that, they secure its World Cup ticket to Pau.

In the Single Canoe of the ladies the DKV team remained without medal, Lena Stöcklin (Leipzig) paddles as best German to the fifth place. Jessica Fox took the victory for Australia, silver won the Spaniard Nuria Vilarrubla. With third ranked Rosalyn Lawrence bronze also went to Down Under.  “Everything OK, the last touch annoys me insane, which was completely senseless. But I still have a decent final run, all in all, I am very satisfied. It was so cool to be here in the final, that my family and friends have seen me ride, that is very much worth. ”

Tomorrow the decisions in the Single Canoe of the men and the Single Kayak of the ladies are on agenda of Kanupark Markkleeberg.

Results, World Cup 3/5 in Markkleeberg

Kayak Single Men:

1. Giovanni De Gennaro (ITA) 92,83 (0), 2. Sebastian Schubert (GER/Hamm) 95,78 (0), 3. Kazuya Adachi (JPN) 98,29 (0), 4. Zeno Ivaldi (ITA) 99,16 (4), 5. Lucien Delfour (AUS) 99,65 (4), 6. Jiri Prskavec (CZE) 100,99 (4), 7. Alexander Grimm (GER/Augsburg) 106,41 (2). im Halbfinale ausgeschieden:  13. Fabian Schweikert (GER/Waldkirch) 99,16 (0), 40. Hannes Aigner (GER/Augsburg) 204,28 (100). Weltcupstand: 1. Schubert 149, 2. Vit Prindis (CZE) 148, 3. Prskavec 147, … 5. Grimm 114, 11. Aigner 92, 12. Schweikert 88.

Canoe Double:

1. Jonas Kaspar/Marek Sindler (CZE) 108,95 (2), 2. Nicolas Scianimanico/Hugo Cailhol (FRA) 109,25 (0), 3. Robert Behling/Thomas Becker (GER/Buna Schkopau) 109,39 (2), 4. Gauthier Klauss/Matthieu Peche (FRA) 109,72 (0), 5. Ondrej Karlovsky/Jakub Jane (CZE) 109,94 (2), 6.  David Schröder/Nico Bettge (GER/Leipzig) 110,41 (2), … 8. Franz Anton/Jan Benzien (GER/Leipzig) 114,21 (4), 10. Kai Müller/Kevin Müller (GER/Halle/S.) 120,37 (4). Weltcupstand: 1. Kaspar/Sindler 175, 2. Klauss/Peche 150, 3. Behling/Becker 137, … 6. Anton/Benzien 111, 8. Schröder/Bettge 95, 16. Müller/Müller 27.

Canoe Single Women:

1. Jessica Fox (AUS) 101,46 (0), 2. Nuria Vilarrubla (ESP) 106,40 (0), 3. Rosalyn Lawrence (AUS) 111,46 (0), 4. Nadine Weratschnig (AUT) 113,40 (6), 5. Lena Stöcklin (GER/Leipzig) 114,75 (4), 6. Tereza Fiserova (CZE) 120,88 (4), im Halbfinale ausgeschieden: 12. Andrea Herzog (GER/Leipzig) 121,85 (8), 13. Birgit Ohmayer (GER/Augsburg) 122,54 (2). Weltcupstand: 1. Fox 137, 2. Mallory Franklin (GBR) 133, 3. Stöcklin 125, … 14. Ohmayer 83, 33. Herzog 31, 35. Elena Apel (GER/Augsburg) 27.